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After 11 Years The Libertines Announce New LP


We’ve known it was coming for a while now but still the official announcement of The Libertines first album in 11 years is still enough to make your lunch quiver. Doherty Barat and Co. have announced the release date for Anthems For Doomed Youth via Harvest Records on 4th September.

Since their reunion shows last year the talk of a follow up album to The Libertines self-titled LP, but we were never sure quite what that meant.

There was talk of a greatest hits album of forgotten b-sides or possibly a complete change of focus for the rock and rollers. Luckily though we know from their Glasto set amongst others the band have gotten back to doing what they do best – writing heartfelt and haranguing tunes.

With old-time favourites featuring on the new record (Bucket Shop, Waterloo, Seven Deadly Sins) alongside a host of new tunes, could the boys in the band prove there is life in the old dogs yet?


01 “Barbarians”
02 “Gunga Din”
03 “Fame And Fortune”
04 “Anthem For Doomed Youth”
05 “Heart Of The Matter”
06 “Belly Of The Beast”
07 “Iceman”
08 “You’re My Waterloo”
09 “Fury Of Chonburi”
10″The Milkman’s Horse”
11 “Glasgow Coma Scale Blues”
12 “Dead For Love”

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

13 “Love On The Dole”
14 “Bucket Shop”
15 “Lust Of The Libertines”
16 “7 Deadly Sins”