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Adult Mom release the wonderful new single 'Full Screen'

Adult Mom, the band and stage name of New York musician Stephanie Knipe, have released new single ‘Full Screen’.

The new track comes as the band announce forthcoming album Soft Spot, the follow up to 2015’s debut LP, Momentary Lapse Of Happily.

If the ‘Full Screen’ is anything to go by the new record will be a charming, cherished and intimate affair all while asking us crucial questions.

Do you full screen your porn?

Do you think about me as you watch her crawl across the floor?

01 “Ephemeralness”
02 “Full Screen”
03 “J Station”
04 “Patience”
05 “Tenderness”
06 “Same”
07 “Steal The Lake From The Water”
08 “Drive Me Home”
09 “First Day Of Spring”