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Adrien Brody named his favourite film of all time

Adrien Brody is one of the most accomplished actors of his generation whose fantastic filmography speaks for itself. Having collaborated with the likes of Wes Anderson, Terrence Malick and Woody Allen among other pioneers, Brody has delivered some fantastic performances that have established him as a top acting talent.

Born in New York City, Brody had a penchant for the performing arts from an early age since he loved conducting magic shows at other children’s birthday parties. Having received a formal training in acting in his childhood, Brody managed to get bit parts before receiving recognition for his appearance in Bullet alongside Tupac Shakur and Mickey Rourke.

He went on to work with Spike Lee and Terrence Malick but the real breakthrough came in 2002 when he delivered the greatest performance of his career in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist. For his portrayal of Holocaust survivor Władysław Szpilman, Brody became the youngest actor to win the Best Actor award at the Oscars.

Since then, Brody has worked on multiple acclaimed projects including several gems by Wes Anderson. Last year, he also starred in Anderson’s latest film The French Dispatch which received critical acclaim. According to many reports, it has also been confirmed that Brody will also play a role in Anderson’s upcoming film Asteroid City.

In an interview, Brody spoke about some of the films that had a huge impact on him and he singled out one specific masterpiece as his top pick: “The Godfather is a combination of superb acting, very skilled, complex directing, beautiful cinematography, epic storytelling and it’s a genre that’s been done so many times but doesn’t quite match up”.

A seminal masterpiece by Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather has been recognised as one of the greatest films ever made because of its sprawling exploration of the institutions of organised crime and its flawless execution. Although it was dismissed as a mafia flick before it was even released, the towering legacy of The Godfather has only continued to grow.

Brody added: “I always go back to The Godfather as something that—and I feel most young guys feel that way, for one reason or another — they love mafia culture but it goes beyond that… It’s a little stylised but I also think it’s very true to immigrant Italian life and reliance on keeping it within the neighbourhood and the family and all these things. It’s great storytelling and that’s timeless.”

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