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(Credit: Martin Schumann)


Adrianne Lenker joins Ginla for ‘Carousel’

Ginla, Adrianne Lenker - 'Carousel'

Oh, the pains of growing older and the drift of (not) getting on with things. This terrain has been fertile musical ground for aeons, but in an unusual way, it usually proves to produce crops that skirt around the subject—rock ‘n’ roll anthems about refusing conformity or nostalgic poppy reminiscence. Ginla and Adrianne Lenker, however, have bottled up the thoughts and the feelings in sonic form and it proves comforting and bracing in equal measure.

With sweet acoustic plucking floating through the song like a lazy river and the ethereal tones of an overture adding just a hint of bittersweet discordance, the song has enough atmosphere to sustain life in space, even if it is as thin and delicate as a Fabergé egg. Painted over this score is a near-whispered dual vocal that ties the whole thing together.

Late last year, Ginla launched their forthcoming record, Everything, with an equally wholesome yet mildly harrowing ditty with the track ‘Bloodstream’ and together the two songs set up the second coming-of-age tone of the album with aplomb. 

The duo Joe Manzoli and Jon Nellen seem to have matured since their self-titled debut EP from back in 2017 and borrowing a member of Big Thief is a whopping addition to their oeuvre. If their latest self-produced record proves to be as accomplished and considered as the two tracks that they have offered from it so far then many fans will be sent weeping into their bedroom-bound tea with a paradoxical wry smile. 

Everything by Ginla is due for release via No Content records on March 25th, with Rusty Santos polishing off the ten-track mix.  

Meanwhile, Lenker herself is set to release the stunning Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You on February 11th, and even though the album title is, well, frankly appalling, the record is as beautiful as everything we have come to expect from Big Thief. 

You can check out the azure skied video for ‘Carousel’ below.