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Adele is so successful she causes a global vinyl shortage


Fans of Adele have cause to rejoice as her success has proven so profound that she has quite literally caused a vinyl shortage. However, this no doubt means that those who are less favourable of the London artist are likely to become increasingly partisan as she has resulted in a delay in the production of everyone else’s record. 

In what has been described as the perfect problem to have by record executives, Adele had to submit her album six months prior to release to allow her label to book just about every vinyl factory in the world for full steam ahead pressing. 

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The near-wartime production effort to ensure that the album 30 hits shelves and pre-orders are fulfilled has resulted in a shortage of availability to produce other artists records. According to Sony, around half a million vinyl copies have already been pressed with the record due for release on November 19th.

Combined with the impacts of the pandemic this has meant that Adele and 30 have flooded the market. The production presses are swamped churning out breakup songs and other big hitters are being forced to wait their turn on the press. 

As Ed Sheeran recently ventured: “There’s like three vinyl factories in the world, so you have to do it like really upfront — and Adele had basically booked out all the vinyl factories, so we had to get a slot and get our album in there. It was like me, Coldplay, Adele, Taylor [Swift], ABBA, Elton [John], all of us were trying to get our vinyls printed at the same time.”

With the problem likely to be compounded this has led to many bands racing to finish their records for fears that if they miss the booking slot they will have to wait for aeons to actually be able to physically release it. 

Enter Jack White whose enthusiasm for self-pressing finally seems less like a passion project and more like a fantastic independent capitalist venture. Perhaps it is no surprise that he is back making music after all.