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Adam McKay opens up about new film script

Adam McKay drew a lot of attention last year due to his satirical big-budget production Don’t Look Up. Starring the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence among others, the film is a heavy-handed critique of the dangerous attitudes surrounding the climate change debate and the media frenzy around it.

During a Q&A session at the Tribeca Film Festival, McKay opened up about the new film script he is currently working on. According to the filmmaker, this new project will conduct an economic analysis of everything that is wrong with modern society and will explore the capitalist structures that have pushed us towards collapse.

McKay revealed: “If the last movie was about the outcome of what’s broken about us, that we’re staring at the collapse of the liveable climate, this one is more about the actual arterial blocks in our hearts, what’s causing it, which is, of course, big, dirty money. And it’s a comedy as well … blended with drama, but I would overall call it a comedy.”

The director also expressed his frustration about the current level of public discourse: “We have less than eight years before we cross the tipping point of a liveable planet. No one is even arguing with that and yet we are all like ‘Johnny Depp, Amber Heard.’ So you have to laugh at it, but you also have to get to work on it.”

Talking about the psychological stress of making films about these dark subjects, McKay claimed that holding onto one’s sense of humour was crucial: “I don’t think that has to be separate from being serious and emotional and profound. I think you can laugh about something while still recognising that it is serious.”

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