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Action movie produced by Jackie Chan films in war-ravaged Syria

Over the years, Jackie Chan has attracted a lot of criticism for his support for the CCP as well as his questionable views about Hong Kong’s autonomy. Recently, the global icon has been subjected to public scrutiny because a new action movie produced by him is currently being filmed in a Syrian town that was ravaged by civil war.

Directed by Song Yinxi, the film is called Home Operation and it tells the story of how the Chinese government successfully evacuated its citizens from Yemen in 2015. As is the case with many Chinese-produced works, this action film is meant to glorify the efforts of the CCP and to paint an inspiring portrait of the government.

While talking about the plot points of Home Operation, the director provided these details: “It takes the perspective of diplomats who are Communist party members, who braved a hail of bullets in a war-torn country and safely brought all Chinese compatriots on to the country’s warship unscathed.”

However, this decision has been criticised by many, including Syrian journalist Fared al-Mahlool who said: “It is shameful to film such films on the ruins of Syrian homes that were destroyed by the Assad regime, Russia and Iran … the Chinese fascist regime is an ally of Syria, and they are trying to whitewash their crimes in actions like this.”

The director of the Middle East Institute’s Syria Program, Charles Lister, also attacked the new production: “1,000s, if not 10,000s died at the hands of Assad’s regime & later ISIS in al-Hajar al-Aswad. To exploit that for money – for a movie lauding China & involving Syria’s regime facilitation is appallingly bad taste.”

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