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Abby Sage shares latest single 'Wasting Away'

Abby Sage - 'Wasting Away'

Canadian singer-songwriter Abby Sage has released her latest single ‘Wasting Away’.

Folky and atmospheric, the vocal stylings and lyrical focus on doomed relationships are sure to appeal to anyone who likes to dive deep into the endless pool of bedroom pop that has been produced over the last few years. I truly believe that bedroom pop will be to the late 2010s/early 2020s what nu-metal was to the late ’90s/early 2000s: a laughably nostalgic and somewhat mystifying omnipresent part of current culture that will instantly date any material the second you hear its familiar tones ten/twenty/thirty years from now.

I doubt that Sage had any input on it, but when her press release described the artist’s upcoming EP Fears of Yours & Mine as “a chill-wave journey”, I rolled my eyes so hard that they lost fell into the empty recesses of my head. The previously released single ‘Smile Break’ certainly is a heady and hazy trip through psychedelic heartbreak, but anything that seriously describes itself in the way that Sage’s handlers have decided to brand her ultimately does no favours to separate Sage from a million other young singers.

Sage is obviously talented, and her acoustic instrumentation at least sets her apart from the basic keyboard setups of most of her similar-sounding peers, but the truth is that ‘Wasting Away’ almost immediately faded away from my mind and left no notable imprint as I moved on and began listening to other new songs. I really liked the carefree thump of 2020s ‘Honey’, but every subsequent release has left me wanting something more definitive and singular from the artist, and sadly I don’t believe ‘Wasting Away’ achieves that.

It just serves to highlight the fact that there’s no secret sauce or formula for success. Here we have a great singer backed by well-performed instrumentation and a sparse but well-balanced arrangement creating a song that you’re unlikely to remember five minutes from now. Hopefully more memorable material is set to come in the future.

Check out the official video for ‘Wasting Away’ down below.