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Abattoir Blues announce details of 'Blinded' EP with the title track


Ever since their conception Abattoir Blues have been one of those bands that everyone knows of but hasn’t quite yet popped. But this latest track ‘Blinded’, announced as the title track of the upcoming EP, speaks of a band ready to light their own fuse.

As well as a new EP to delight their fans they also announced a headline UK tour for December which will allow you to see the band at their jaw-swinging best. The EP will be released on November 24th via Telharmonium, and based on ‘Blinded’, it is going to be a fucking stonker.

Speaking with DIY the band said “The songwriting has definitely become more considered, and I think we’ve all generally just become better musicians,” said guitarist George Boorman. “We do spend longer on the songs now than we used to… which is definitely a good thing.”

“When we realised we actually wanted to make a statement, we didn’t want the statement to be ‘getting fucked’,” said vocalist Harry Waugh.

Take a listen below and get those snarls moving just in time for Monday afternoon motivation.