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(Credit: A24)


A24 selling props from 'Midsommar', 'Uncut Gems', and more for charity


Famed American independent entertainment company, A24, is selling off props from recent successful films in order to raise money for charity.

A24 Auctions will sell props from projects such as MidsommarUncut GemsHereditaryMid90sEighth GradeThe LighthouseEuphoria and more in order to raise money for New York workers and families affected by the current coronavirus pandemic.

“Many of the props, wardrobe items, and set pieces from our movies and shows are works of art in their own right: hand-made, one-of-a-kind objects that are the result of countless weeks, months, sometimes even years of labor,” the entertainment company said in a statement.

They added: “We built A24 Auctions to give these collectable items the second life they deserve, and to give fans a chance to own a piece of A24 history for good — literally.”

As part of the A24 Attic Auction, the company are selling items from Bo Burnham film Eighth Grade, Jonah Hill’s Mid90s, and more, they commented: “In almost any attic you’ll find the usual mix: boxes full of family heirlooms and middle school craft projects, old clothes and toys, all collecting dust and sentimental value with every passing year. The A24 Attic is no different. These are keepsakes worth holding on to.”

Among that list includes Rue’s hoody from popular television series Euphoria, a couple of heirloom doormats from Ari Aster’s critically acclaimed horror Hereditary and Stevie’s first skateboard from Mid90s.

With a host of other items up for sale, the main attraction comes from Aster’s cult horror Midsommar. Described as ‘Hårga Collectibles’, A24 explains: “The Hårga have an infamously rich cultural history, full of tradition, symbolism, and ritual sacrifice. Simply put, they never miss the chance to dress for an occasion. For the first time outside Hälsingland, you, too, can own a piece of Hårgan history—including the original 10,000-silk-flower May Queen gown from Midsommar‘s fiery finale.”

That sale includes Florence Pugh’s May Queen dress, the flower headdress, and more.

Follow this link to see the full list of items.