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(Credit: YouTube / A24)


‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ becomes A24’s highest-grossing movie ever

Everything Everywhere All at Once has become one of the most well-received cinematic entries of 2022 because of the highly engaging filmmaking at display. Drawing on popular cinematic trends such as the multiverse, directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert have brought something unique to the table.

At a time when the Marvel formula is dominating the film industry, Everything Everywhere All at Once has proposed something different. Starring Michelle Yeoh as a laundromat owner who is struggling with an audit, the film conducts an existential exploration of the modern cinematic spectacle while also featuring thoroughly enjoyable action sequences.

In an interview, Daniel Scheinert said: “We got so lucky that Michelle Yeoh really responded to the script. For our first meeting with her, we just had to see if we got along, but we didn’t have to sell the movie that hard. Then every other actor was so excited to work with Michelle, so I think they were way more open than they would’ve been.”

Dan Kwan added: “We realised that if we were going to do a movie about the multiverse, possibilities, and regrets, it would be way more powerful if it was from someone who has lived a long life. If someone is younger like us, yes, we have regrets and things that we reflect on, but once you get older, you start to look back and there’s just a deeper wealth of material there.”

According to the latest reports, Everything Everywhere All at Once isn’t just a critical hit. It has also become a commercial success and the highest grossing A24 film of all time, surpassing $50 million at the domestic box office and crossing the total made by Uncut Gems. If anything, this indicates that audiences are always looking for something new.

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