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A 'Waterworld' spin-off TV series is in the works

When Waterworld came out in 1995, it was touted as the most expensive film ever made, which contributed to the production’s initial financial failure. The post-apocalyptic sci-fi project imagines a world where the accelerated devastation of climate change has resulted in the catastrophic sea-level rise of 25,000 ft.

The film eventually managed to turn a profit at the global box office as well as through other sources of income like theme parks, acquiring the label of “cult-classic” in later years. For those who admired Waterworld’s fascinating premise, there is promising news.

According to multiple reports, a television series based on the 1995 project is in the works at the moment. It will be a continuation of the original film, following the adventures of the characters seen in Waterworld after a considerably long period of 20 years.

The director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg, has already been named as a part of Waterworld’s upcoming television adaptation. “We’re talking to folks, but nobody locked in yet,” producer John Fox said. “Dan’s attached, we’re breaking the story now and we’re talking to a few different writers. And we should have a writer locked in, I would think, over the next couple of weeks.”

Although the producers have claimed that they are unsure about how to approach the revival of Waterworld for streaming services, they are certain about the project’s unlimited potential.

“The only movie that I went back recently, that we made and rewatched and I was surprised at how well it held up, is Waterworld,” said producer John Davis. “For many, many years I didn’t really want to see it because I thought the movie didn’t work, it wasn’t what the script was, it was not as good as the script, it had its production problems. And then I went back and saw it again, and it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, this movie ages great with time.'”

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