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Credit: Incase

A student has been charged with 'terrorist threat' after writing Tyler, The Creator lyrics on University campus


It has been confirmed that a student studying at the University of South Alabama has been charged with making a terrorist threat after graffitying lyrics from Tyler, The Creator’s Goblin song ‘Radicals’.

The 21-year-old in question; Jack Aaron Christensen is accused of scribing “kill people, burn shit, fuck school, hail satan 666, praise the devil” on a “white flip chart” in a school library. The heightened focus on the incident is likely due to the event taking place “on or around” September 11th, with Christensen arrested on that day, confirms Pitchfork.

Tyler and his group Odd Future have often found themselves at the end of a stern warning from governments. In 2012 Odd Future were banned from touring in New Zealand because of their offensive lyrical content.

More notably, Tyler was himself banned from the UK in 2015 for allegedly encouraging “violence and intolerance of homosexuality” and inciting “hatred with views that seek to provoke others to terrorist acts”.

He returned to the British stage on 16th September and had some choice words for those who banned him. He told the O2 Academy Brixton about the ban and referred to the lady who banned him, then Home Secretary and now ex-PM, Theresa May as “that bitch [who] banned me”.

Later that night he told the audience: “I don’t take back nothing I said. I’ll never apologise. They can suck my dick… I’m really happy I’m back.”