A new Blood Orange album is on the way


We have some news from Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, aka the smoothest man in music, and it hints at a new album on the way very soon. Following on from last LP Freetown, an album looking mainly at his parents, the new work is set to look a little closer at the location of his roots.

New track ‘BOWERYLDN EDIT 6 15 SEPTEMBER’ was released last month and made many a chin wag with excitement at some new work to come form the elusive artist. It now seems that an album is most definitely on the way soon.

“78% done” Vulture reports. “A lot of the new songs on the new album deal with growing up and childhood in England, looking at the country that made me.”

“It’s one of the only places in England where the BNP, which is the British National Party, aka the racist party—‘keep Britain white’ was one of their campaigns—were constantly elected in power,” he said of Essex. “If Freetown was delving into my parents from my eyes, being younger and now, this one is definitely me looking at my younger self, growing up in that setting. So yeah, it’s a little dark.”

Can’t wait.