A Hotel To Call Home: Hotel Tirol, Fiss, Austria


Located in the Landeck district in the Austrian state of Tyrol, sitting approximately 1,436m above sea level and surrounded by endless peaks of pure white snow, you’ll find the effortlessly tranquil village of Fiss.

In the midst of it, wandering between the small streets which replicate that of the nearby snaking course of the Inn River, is ‘Hotel Tirol’, a family-run business who have made it their mission to display the best of Fiss in their own pioneering way.

Owned and managed by the Pregenzer family, a vocation which is now a 60-year-old tradition and the hotel is now managed by the second generation of the family. Upon our entry, we’re greeted by Hubert and Manuela who quickly introduce us to their children. It is, from this point on, blatantly obvious that the Pregenzer family are all-inclusive, open-minded and somewhat inspirational passionate. Their children, heavily involved in the business, are quite clearly shaping the future of the hotel a clear sign that they will not rest of on their laurels, seeking to improve in all areas.

“We collect ideas and experiences, and constancy in both thought and action is our tenet,” the family explained. “We value quality and individuality, base all we do on honesty and respect. Our profession is our calling, community our natural home. The joy of our family tradition is apparent throughout the hotel, and we love that our guests feel at home,” they continue.

While tradition is arguably the backbone of this establishment, the Pregenzer family refuse to be pigeonholed by that attraction alone – you only need to get in the elevator up to the heights of the building to see that. Upon arriving on the fourth floor, we’re greeted by the spectacular ‘Gipfel SPA’, a wellness retreat complete with sauna, steam room and, of course, infinity pool planted effortlessly adjacent to the mountain peaks – the very same we had just made our way down with skis strapped to our feet. 

The fascinating aspect of Hotel Tirol is their ability to remain humble and traditional yet blend modern interests in order to keep developing. Skiing, as a holiday industry, has struggled somewhat to evolve into different areas of tourism. The Pregenzer’s, however, are combining their grounded Austrian roots with their modern freethinking ideas. “We love the Alpine lifestyle, and we love to enjoy ourselves,” the family continued. “We want our guests to share in these experiences throughout their stay. We love working with people and looking after them in our family hotel,” they added.

It was the summer of 2017 when they began to extend and refurbish the building, putting their ideas into practice. It was on this conversation that the family summed up the kind of establishment they’re desperate to remain, and that is “the kind of hotel we would like to visit for a holiday,” and who can argue with that philosophy?

The meticulous attention to detail throughout the building is what separates Hotel Tirol from the rest in Fiss. From their authentic 51 rooms and suites to the Gipfel SPA and pool, the family have everything considered. The restaurant is typically ‘Tyrolean’ and blends Italian and Mediterranean dishes along with their Alpine surroundings.

[su_box title=”Hotel Tirol, Fiss, Austria” style=”default” box_color=”#c4c4c4″ title_color=”#FFFFFF radius=”3″ class=””]Hotel Tirol in Fiss, viewable here, offers a 7-night ½-board package including a 6-day lift pass from €839 per person.

Prices include entertainment on Monday nights, full access to the rooftop Gipfel Spa with al fresco infinity pool, access to the family spa and an extensive buffet breakfast, a sweet or savoury afternoon snack and five-course dinner.

Hotel Tirol is included in the prestigious Niche Destinations portfolio, view more of their clients here[/su_box]

Here, enjoy a selection of Far Out images taken from the location: