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A Festival, A Parade discuss mental health in new single 'People Person'


Newcastle outfit A Festival, A Parade have announced the upcoming release of their first single of the year ‘People Person’.

With its underlying darkened tone obvious throughout, front-man Joe Allan’s intricate lyricism strongly comes to the fore in ‘People Person’, shining light on the stigma surrounding mental health and its increasingly prevalent role in today’s society.

“People Person is a very honest track. It’s basically about someone who is struggling with mental illness, but feels they must maintain this ‘people person’ persona, being overtly friendly and outgoing, which, in my opinion, is one of the most destructive things you can do when you’re not feeling 100%,” the band said.

“The take-home message from the song (if there is one) would be to just make sure you make time for people who might need someone to talk to, and that even people who appear be leading an idyllic lifestyle may be struggling behind closed doors.”