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A Far Out introduction to MISTER STRANGE

It’s not that often that an aimless meander around Youtube leads us to something that causes our ears to seriously prick up and take notice, but that’s exactly the situation we found ourselves in a few weeks back when we stumbled upon MISTER STRANGE.

The band in question formed recently in Manchester and combine a Cali-esque slacker exterior with the kinds of enthralling wig-outs that Far Out simply can’t get enough of.

Their brand of swashbuckling psych-rock tips its hat to the sprawling hedonism of Zeppelin, Sabbath and Hawkwind, while also conjuring more recent comparisons to the likes of Thee Oh Sees and King Gizzard.

And although we need no convincing of how highly you surely hold our esteemed opinion, don’t just take our word for it! Have a listen to the brand new MISTER STRANGE track ‘Reproduction Distortion’ below.

So far all we’ve got to get stuck into is this track, an earlier (and undeniably catchy) release ‘Honey Bump’, and a couple of rip-roaring instrumentals.

Admirably to the point, bassist Callum Rogers says: “We shared a love of fuzz and noise. It seemed like a good enough reason to start a band!”

All this means we’re struggling pretty hard to contain the suspense for the first MISTER STRANGE live show, which will take place at Manchester’s legendary Night and Day Cafe this Friday (July 28th), with support coming from Fruit Tones and Panzer Chocolate. What’s more? IT’S THREE FUCKING POUNDS… Be there.