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A dance battle for Feist’s new video featuring Jarvis Cocker

In April we got the long-awaited new album  Pleasure from Feist. One of the many highlights to feature on the album was a space-like single called ‘Century’, which featured the dulcet tones of Mr Jarvis Cocker. Now that same track has a new video, which naturally features a dance battle.

The video sees Feist and her group of dancers battle someone who looks a lot like Feist and a group of dancers.. As confusing as that is, somehow the participants are more confused as they turn from dancing to fighting quicker than a 3am chip shop queue in Wigan being told they are out of pies.

Jarvis does make an appearance but sadly not as a dancer, instead he does his best emotionless void-staring and still steals the show.

Take a look below.