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Credit: Alamy


A cinema visited by John Lennon and George Harrison has been saved

Meeting your mate on the corner, bumbling down to the local cinema to eat popcorn and catch a movie is one of the most sincere pleasures anyone can enjoy. No matter your fame or prestige, there is something about those halcyon days that will always ring true. The same would surely have been true for The Beatles pairing of George Harrison and John Lennon.

Spending their teenage years in the same band before hitting it big with The Beatles, just like everyone else, they had enjoyed those same pleasures at The Abbey Cinema in Wavertree, Liverpool. It looked as if, for a while, those memories would be covered in rubble and dust.

The cinema, originally designed by the acclaimed architect and Liverpool City Council leader Sir Alfred Ernest Shennan and opened in 1939, was set for demolition but for the organisation Save Britain’s Heritage, Historic England’s intervention.

Since Harrison and Lennon had enjoyed seeing the latest films at the cinema, the building has taken on many guises, including a bingo hall, snooker club and, most recently, a supermarket. Seeing the success of the supermarket, the chain Lidl had been hoping to have the building demolished so they could build a new store on the land, which will now be impossible.

The building, which featured in The Beatles song ‘In My Life’, has now been awarded Grade II listed status and Historic England advisor Sarah Charlesworth told the BBC that there was now an opportunity for the building to have “a sustainable new use”.

“We hope that the owner and the local community will now come together to find a sustainable new use for this remarkable building,” she added.

Listen to ‘In My Life’ below and see if you can pick out the lyrics referring to the landmark building.