6 travel trends you need to know for 2019

Moving in the the new year, travellers will be getting itchy feet after a few weeks with the inlaws at home. Here at Far Out we have been feeling the same, so much so we have been researching the trends that we think will impact travel in 2019. It is easy to see that we travellers are becoming more conscioutious about our impact on the planet, the foods we eat and the technology we have with use as we access other cultures and ways of life. All this can be seen seen with regards to what you guys are loking for when traveling in 2019.

Sustainable travel comes in many forms and will be a big factor in a lot of tourists decision making this year. Whether this means travelling closer to home or making sure that they are putting back into the community that they are visiting. Alternatively people who are travelling further afeild are lookng for more than just aholiday now, more and more people want to immerse themselves in the community they are visiting. Whether that means living and working, whether treaching or charity work this seems to be a more popular choice.

Either way, 2019 is bringing more to the travelling world. Travelling trends for 2019 are varied and show that we are becoming more aware of the impact on our earth and lcoal communities.

Weekend trips

According to, 53% of travellers have said they plan to make more weekend trips in 2019. This move towards shorter holidays promises to put a lot more money into local economies. It seems to be a big move with cheaper and more readily available flight routes and accommodation becomes available. Micro trips will be a big factor in 2019.

Volunteering and skills based travel

Travel has always been said to broaden the mind, and expectedly so. Visiting and experience their cultures helps to understand the world a little better. As university degrees become ever more expensive, a growing number of young people are deciding to choose travel as a way of learning life skills. have said 56% desire to learn whilst travelling whether this is volunteering, skills-based travel, or working abroad.

Forgotten destinations will make a comeback

Over this year places over tourism has been discussed and the issues that it can raise.

Places like Boracay and Maya beach have chosen to stop for varying periods to deal with it. Because of issues like these, travellers are rethinking places to visit. Hungary has seen a 155% increase in bookings and Moldova as seen 80% and Australia 72% increase, according to Intrepid.

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More people Christmas getaways

Over the top marketing campaigns, expensive gifts and the other pressures that come with Christmas are going to be changed come Christmas 2019.

Intrepid have said that more families will journey from home for the festive period. 29% of which are solo travellers. A real departure from tradition, destinations such as Cambodia and Central America are being chosen over a traditional white Christmas.

Unique experiences

Experience is being chosen over material possessions these days with 60% of travellers preferring different and authentic experiences. This means 2019 travellers will be seeking a variety of activities from sleeping and eating, and looking for a focus on comfort and happiness.

According to experiences was at the core of 2018 travel trends and they believe it wil make an even bigger mipact in the coming year.

Passports become the new cookbooks

Inspired by travel, our kitchens will see our ventures impact our cooking. Replicating recipes from places we have visited for friends and family is becoming more and more popular, and will seep into out 2019 dinner parties.

Sri Lanka is tipped to be the best place for a food tour in 2019, so enjoy their fresh seafood and spicy curries on offer.

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