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(Credit: HBO)


Far Out 40: The best songs from 'Girls'


It’s hard to believe that the HBO series Girls has been around for ten years, but it has. The show, written, starring, and created by Lena Dunham, marked a shift in both creative construction for television and the representation of women in media at large.

Even with the years that have passed since the show began and ended, it has remained a cultural touchstone for so many young people over the course of the past decade. When Dunham said in the opening that “I think that I might be the voice of my generation, or at least a voice of a generation,” she wasn’t kidding.

One thing that often flies under the radar from Girls is the stellar soundtrack. Since the show is relatively grounded in reality, it doesn’t have a ton of swelling, cinematic moments that involve a chasm of music that blasts the speakers out. However, what it does have might be even more impressive: a realistic, genuinely banging soundtrack of music that people can actually take with them and listen to.

It seems that the soundtrack for Girls has it all, from Sleigh Bells to The Velvet Underground. While they could have simply phoned it in, this was an opportunity well spent to include some great music. The soundtrack tends to hug the indie-rock variety, but there are also a few other classics from different genres that have found their home in the show, too (like Salt-N-Peppa and Kendrick Lamar, both excellent choices). It’s a well-rounded soundtrack that makes it hard to choose favourites, and yet, we did.

There are plenty of great songs throughout Girls, well into the hundreds. But 40 is enough to get us started on the nostalgia.

The 40 best songs from Girls

‘Time to Pretend’ – MGMT
‘Feel It All’ – Feist
‘Our Deal’ – Best Coast
‘I Can Change’ – LCD Soundsystem
‘Infinity Guitars’ – Sleigh Bells
‘Take Your Mama’ – Scissor Sisters
‘Heartbeats’ – The Knife
‘Shake It’ – Iain Matthews
‘Modern Art’ – Black Lips
‘Dissolve Me’ – Alt-J
‘You Said Something’ – PJ Harvey
‘Nancy From Now On’ – Father John Misty
‘Silver Lining’ – Rilo Kiley
‘How Am I Different’ – Aimee Mann
‘Take a Walk’ – Passion Pit
‘Valentine’ – Fiona Apple
‘Free’ – Cat Power
‘Age of Consent’ – New Order
‘Boomerang’ – Lucy Schwartz
‘I Don’t Owe You Anything’ – The Smiths
‘Colors’ – The Pass
‘Keep You’ – Wild Belle
‘None Of Your Business’ – Salt-N-Pepa
‘Love Blood’ – Sleeper Agent
‘We Belong’ – RAC, Katie Herzig
‘Rox’ – The Aliens
‘Fool for Love’ – Lord Huron
‘My Car’ – Tear Council
‘Same Mistakes’ – The Echo-Friendly
‘Bassically’ – Tei Shi
‘Past Lives’ – Børns
‘Come Close’ – The Hugs
‘Shiver’ – Lucy Rose
‘good kid’ – Kendrick Lamar
‘Giant’ – Matrimony
‘Do It Yourself’ – Punch
‘Blue Moon’ – Beck
‘Stepping Stone’ – Duffy
‘Rock & Roll’ – The Velvet Underground
‘Ways to Go’ – Grouplove