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30 Second To Mars guitarist Tomo Milicevic quits the band


Tomo Milicevic, the guitarist of 30 Second To Mars, has quit the band.

Milicevic, who auctioned to replace Solon Bixler in 2003, successfully landed the part and instantly moved to Los Angeles to put all his efforts into making it a success.

His decision to leave the band comes as he was missing for dates during the band’s European tour.

In a statement posted online, Milicevic said: “I don’t really know how to explain in a note how I could have come to a decision like this.

“But please believe me when I say that this is the best thing for me in my life and also for the band.

“Please don’t be sad or angry over this and most of all, please don’t be divided about this, this is a good thing and will be good for everyone.”

“The years that I have been privileged enough to spend with all of you will live inside of my heart and mind as some of the most amazing memories I’ll ever have,” he added.

“I want to say thank you to Jared [Leto] and Shannon [Leto] for allowing me the privilege to be a small part of their dream and to have been able to share the stage with them for so long.

“I’ll cherish the moments we had together and I’ll have love in my heard every time I think of those days until I draw my final breath.”

Read the full statement here: