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(Credit: Bertrand)


2ManyDJs and Soulwax share New Order ‘Blue Monday’ remix

2ManyDJs and David Dewaele from Belgian duo Soulwax have begun to create a series of remixes. 

In an interview with Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 Music on Monday, January 17th, the DJs discussed their new collaborative effort to produce a 20-minute remix of New Order’s groundbreaking club classic ‘Blue Monday’ which was played as part of the show’s Desert Island Disco slot.

Speaking about how the remix came to fruition, Dewaele said: “We…found all these versions and cover versions and people playing the song ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order. Many years ago, we’d also been sent the multi-track which is the separate elements of that track.”

Adding: “Given how seminal that song is, not just for us, but for millions of people, but for us especially…the first gig my brother and I played together…was in 1997. And the first record we put on was ‘Blue Monday’. And as a DJ, you constantly change the records that you play and yet I think there is only a handful of gigs where we didn’t either fully play or tease or didn’t play a little bit of ‘Blue Monday’.

“It’s such a seminal track for us, it’s in our musical DNA. A lot of people I guess tend to know us, maybe for bringing the energy of rock or guitar music together with dance music and ‘Blue Monday’ – no one did it better than that particular song. It’s from 1983 and it still sounds like it’s from the future. What we did, we tried to make a 20-minute version of ‘Blue Monday’…We took the multi-track, 1983 original, the B side…and then various live performances and demos and cut them up with bits of interview to make a 20-minute version of the song.”

When Laverne asked what other remixes we might expect over the coming weeks 2ManyDJs also added that they had been working on a remix with Isle of Wight indie group Wet Leg. “There’s a few coming up,” he told Laverne. “One is Wet Leg, which is quite exciting.”

The new remix of New Order’s Blue Monday is out now and can be streamed below.