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15 perfect Christmas gifts for travel enthusiasts


If you’ve got somebody in your life who lives for exploration and discovering new places, finding the right gift for them can often be a trying task. However, here at Far Out, we’ve got your back with these 15 ideas for travel enthusiasts.

Over the last couple of years, amid a pandemic world, travelling has been something of a pipedream, and no traveller has been able to get away as much as we’d have liked. However, next year, some sense of normality should return, and these suggestions will make those much-anticipated excursions even sweeter when they roll around.

Practicality is at the heart of all of the selections and will help make the voyages which your loved one has planned smooth sailing. No matter what your price range, this list has you covered, and there’s something on here for every kind of travel lover.

Whether it’s the latest technological advancement you’re after or a travel companion that makes a dreaded extensive coach journey that little bit more comfortable, then you’ll find it on this list. Here are the 15 best Christmas gifts to give a travel enthusiast this festive season.

15 perfect Christmas gifts for travel enthusiasts:

Tile Essentials

When you’re travelling and away from your comfort zone, it’s important to stay in control of your most cherished items, which you’ve taken with you, and Tile makes that easy.

Their essentials kit allows you to track your wallet, keys, passport, and anything else that would potentially ruin your trip if foolishly misplaced. For just £59.99, it’s a small price to pay to ensure that your forgetful friend enjoys a holiday free from avoidable complications.

Buy here for £59.99

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GoPro HERO10 

For the last decade, the GoPro has been the ideal gift for the adrenaline junkie breed of travel lovers. Its waterproof feature makes it a perfect gift for those with an infatuation for watersports, skiing, hiking, and everything in between. Furthermore, it’s also the brand’s most convenient item to use to date.

Its HyperSmooth 4.0 feature also means the item has never been easier to stabilise. It can also take astounding 23-MP photographs and record videos in 5.3K resolution at 60fps Plus. While it does come with a hefty price tag, the aforementioned technological advancements explain why the GoPro remains a must-have item.

Buy here for £471.10

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Anker Power Bank

From personal experience, I can confirm that having a phone lose battery while travelling across countries is one of life’s great first world problems. If only I had the brains to bring the Anker Power Bank with me, then the most prolonged 24 hours of my life could have been diverted.

It has 26800mAh of power inside of it. To translate that into Lehman terms, it can charge most phones over six times, tablets at least twice, and even refuel laptops. Additionally, it only takes six hours to fully charge the Anker Power Bank.

Buy here for £54.99

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Lifeventure SoftFibre Travel Towel

The succinctness of the travel towel means that you can take the item anywhere with you because it folds into a minuscule bag, which you can efficiently store in the smallest of places.

Also, it can absorb nine times its own weight in water, but it dries eight times faster than a standard towel. The Liveventure Softfibre is the definition of convenience and comes with odour control, which prevents unwanted smells.

Buy here from £16.19

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Olympus Camera

While the sophisticated design of the Olympus PEN E-P7 Micro Four is undeniably gorgeous, the specifications inside the camera are equally as delightful as its slinky aesthetic.

Not only does the camera boasts in-body five-axis image stabilisation, which allows for blur-free snapshot pictures, but you can also film in high-quality 4k. Its integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth system also means that you can get your shots up on Instagram in a flash.

Buy here from £715.00

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Carinthia Sleeping Bag

With festivals coming back next summer, or if you have people in your life that actively enjoy sleeping in the wilderness, then the Carinthia is a necessity.

No matter what extreme weather you find yourself in, the Carinthia is your friend and will keep you cosy despite the blistering cold. Warmth is perhaps the most important part of any camping holiday, and there’s no danger of freezing with the Carinthia.

Buy here for £199.99

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Pocketalk Voice Translator

Unfortunately, those of us from English speaking countries tend to be more lapsed when it comes to being multi-lingual than our counterparts across the world. This issue can often lead to stressful situations caused by language barriers, but with the Pocketalk Voice Translator, it doesn’t need to be that way.

The item can translate into 82 different languages and comes with an embedded SIM that offers free data in 130+ countries that lasts two years. Additionally, there’s no need to arrange contracts as it connects automatically straight out of the box.

Buy here for £259.00

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Pocket Wine Aerator

While this item is still handy to have around the home, it’s also a gadget that every wine lover should take with them when they go away camping to enjoy vino with maximum flavour.

Perhaps, the most useful part of the aerator is the fast pace that it works. It only takes 15-45 seconds to do its job and improve the wine. The cost of the appliance pays for itself after just a handful of uses as it makes cheap bottles taste twice their price.

Buy here for £14.95

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YETI Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Sided Cooler/Backpack

The latest cooler/backpack from YETI can carry 20 cans and as much food as you could wish to get through. It promises to keep the items cold for the entirety of your trek, despite the sweltering heat that you’re traipsing across.

There’s no sweeter release than that first well-earned sip of a beverage of your choice, and the YETI makes sure it will stay iced-cold. Meanwhile, its dry hide shell makes the product waterproof and resistant to punctures and UV rays.

Buy one now for £476.09

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Memory Foam Travel Pillow

When you travel long distances, the most important thing is to do so with comfort, and a memory foam travel pillow is the perfect way to stay snug in any condition.

Whether you’re flying or on an arduous car journey, the memory foam travel pillow will make sure that the malaise is staved away. This item is also very reasonably priced and suitable for even the tightest budgets.

Buy here for £15.98

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Lifestraw Water Bottle

The USP of the Lifestraw Water Bottle is its masterful ability to kill off bacteria. If you’re getting water from a stream whilst on your travels, then you needn’t worry about becoming ill as it removes 99.999999% of all types of bacteria, parasites, and microplastics.

When you buy this product, you are also helping someone less fortunate than yourselves, as Lifestraw has pledged that a child will receive safe water for an entire school year for every bottle sold.

Buy here from £40.60

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Destinations Of A Lifetime Book

If you know somebody who loves travelling yet and is indecisive about where they should next venture, this is the ideal stocking filler for them and will undoubtedly get their mind racing.

This coffee table book is full of awe-inspiring images from around the world, which will fill anyone with a burning desire to travel. Throughout 320 pages, your loved one can etch out their dream list of destinations that make up their very own bucket list.

Buy here for £25.00

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Scratch the World Map

Similar to the last idea, this one is another thought-provoking gift that will help any traveller decide the location they next want to experience. The world map operates as a daily reminder of the vast beauty that is purring to be explored.

Its scratch feature allows travel enthusiasts to understand the world’s geographic landscape on a deeper level thanks to the intricate mapping, which can be discovered simply through scratching the surface.

Buy here for £11.99

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Tripp Watermelon Suitcase

While practicality is, of course, the most important component for anyone who spends large chunks of time on the road, it’s also nice to do it in style, too, and when these two combine, it’s even better.

The Tripp Watermelon Suitcase is not only an extremely pragmatic item, but it’s fashionable too. The compact design allows you to be economical with space, and their range is ideal no matter if it’s a last-minute European weekend away or a month-long retreat.

Buy here for £95.00

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JBL Waterproof Portable Speaker

Wherever the love of travelling takes you, it can always be enhanced by one thing, and that’s music. You could be camping in the countryside, the desert, or resting by the beach, and you’ll be thankful for the JBL Waterproof Portable Speaker.

The battery life also lasts for 12-hours, so the item will be there by your side, offering up a supply of your favourite songs all day long or all evening, if that’s more your style.

Buy here for £89.99

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