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Rare footage of a young Angelina Jolie in acting class

Rare footage of a young Angelina Jolie in acting class has emerged online displaying her typically dark approach to her art.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube by Dagmar Stansova who is Jolie’s partner in the clip, is said to have taken place in the 1990s when Jolie would have been aged between 16-20.

While mixed reports in the media incorrectly claim Jolie is 25 and in a casting for a film role, Stansova explains: “This footage was never meant to be viewed by anyone except us actors. We are not performing for a film, we are exercising our instrument.”

She added: “With this particular acting teacher, the focus was much more on what is called ‘instrument work’ rather than scene work, meaning that we focused on expanding our instrument which is our ability to express the full gamut of emotions through our body, our voice, rather than learning how to break down a scene and create a character.

“We had no scripted material. It is all improvised.” 

Displaying her huge rage, Jolie goes back and forth with Stansova and states: “I need to hurt you. I want to hurt you,” as she moves from spits of laughter to sadness. “I thought your eyes were wonderful. I especially liked the movement in the scene for you. Something was really connected,” the coach tells Jolie.

“I felt for you a real sense of style. You didn’t allow it to just keep going there, you changed it lots of times. You found the humour and you found that and you took the scene in different directions.”

See the clip, below.

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