As excitement ramps up to the return of Sheffield’s finest, Far Out Magazine has decided to delve into our famed vault to reflect on some of our favourite moments.

Swinging all the way back to 2007 we enter Favourite Worst Nightmare, the second studio album by the Monkeys. The record, taking on that ‘difficult second album’, propelled the band into a brave new direction. Taking on a faster, more ambitious sound from their debut project, Favourite Worst Nightmare also signified their first partnership with Miles Kane and included the band’s first attempt at a ‘love’ song.

‘505’ is the final track of the album, a number inspired directly by the band’s love of classic films and a major moment in lead singer Alex Turner’s songwriting prowess. If you believe everything you read on the internet, you’ll be of the understanding that the lyrics depict Turner’s desire to return to a holiday hotel room (505) in which he frequented with ex-girlfriend Johanna Bennett:

“I’m going back to 505

If it’s a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive

In my imagination you’re waiting, lying on your side

With your hands between your thighs”

Bennett, a former member of the band Totalizer, co-wrote the Arctic Monkeys track ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ and previously described the holiday with Turner: “We were on holiday and had cut ourselves off from everything. We were in a really quiet hotel and didn’t watch TV or listen to that much music. So as not to drive each other mad we started messing around with these words like a game, singing them to each other.”

If the lyrics on 505 were directly influenced by Turner’s loving memories, a section of the sound itself was sampled from Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack for Spaghetti Western film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, in a scene where Angel Eyes enters before the final standoff.

The organ at the beginning of ‘505’ is directly influenced from the aforementioned scene. as can heard, here:

[MORE] – Arctic Monkeys’ huge homecoming Sheffield shows are cancelled

Arctic Monkeys are expected to reveal details of their long-awaited sixth album imminently after they announced their return to the stage by sharing a huge run of festival dates throughout 2018 which will see them cover the globe.

So far, they have only one UK show in the pipeline which is headlining Glasgow’s TRNSMT Festival.


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