Watch this rare live footage of The Doors performing ‘Light My Fire’ in 1968

In 1968, the world was a very different place. One of the most liberal moments in history, aka The Sixties, was coming to an end and with the growing commercialisation, the humble hippy was being squeezed out of counter-culture.

That is until a band from Los Angeles showed up and showed there was still a little bit of off-beat-bark left in the old dog yet. That band were The Doors, and with their enigmatic leader Jim Morrison they would not only develop the anti-establishment rhetoric of the hippy movement but go on to define their own.

In 1968, the band were completing their now infamous European tour which would gather yet more followers to their sensual and sultry sound. The band pushed themselves apart from any faction, any establishment and any political rhetoric they did not agree with and because of it took a legion of fans along with them.

The Doors’ influence on culture, and music, in particular, is hard to argue with. The band’s development of musical artistry must’ve been an inspiration to so many artists in the 70’s who developed their own characters, films and content, as well as their own musical direction.

Morrison, in particular, combined the intensity of Elvis and his fervour with the intellectualism of Dylan matched with the kind of unwillingness to be chained that would later go on to form the punk movement. He was a visionary, always looking to “break on through to the other side” as it were.

They were trend-setter in the least and revolutionaries at their best.

The full trailer for the European tour can be found below and is just incredibly, brilliantly inflammatory, even now, let alone the 60’s. They must’ve felt like snake-hipped devils.

For now, take in the two versions of ‘Light My Fire’. Both utterly worth your attention.

Give yourself a treat and watch the video below.


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