1976 was an odd time, most of the world was suffering in an economic depression, but in America, they were in a somewhat weirder situation. A situation where the last John Belushi and his counterpart Dan Aykroyd were forcing Brian Wilson to go surfing.

We’ll come clean, the clip isn’t some grainy home footage but is instead a part of The Beach Boys TV ‘It’s OK’ which had the pair of comedians as producers. Aired in 1976 the film aimed to reposition The Beach Boys to a younger audience and used the two jokers to add a gilted razor edge to the perceived softness of The Beach Boys in a world where punk was beginning to bubble up.

The pair come to Wilson’s door dressed as California Highway Patrolmen. The clip shows John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd force Brian Wilson to get out of bed and on his board after issuing him a ticket for failing to surf in one of the more iconic music/comedy crossovers.

Beach Boys 'It's OK' Special news (8-1-1976) -


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