To commemorate the anniversary of The Jam topping the UK charts with their now anthemic single ‘Going Underground’ we’ve managed to unearth this absolute gem of a performance from the year of it’s release in 1980.

It’s a piece of footage, taken from Newcastle City Hall in October 1980, that shows just how mesmerising, electric and ferocious Paul Weller and co were in their prime. The band show off their powerful and idiosyncratic songwriting complimented so easily with their charged performance.

From this video it’s very easy to see not only The Jam‘s ability to turn a venue in to a recreation of a Beatles gig, with fans simply losing their shit, but also the career trajectory of Paul Weller rolling out in front of him.

Thesinger commands the stage with simple and effective movement, his vocals are succinct and authentic and his guitar playing is like the underground itself, pulsating, electrified and ultimately very dangerous.

Take a look at this brilliant video below.


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