Easily regarded as two of the most creative figures in modern music Radiohead and Björk are two in a million. We all know about the huge admiration Thom holds for Björk and in a 2007 webcast, we got a taste of just that as Thom Yorke alongside his Radiohead bandmates covered Björk’s enigmatic song ‘Unravel’.

Taken from the glorious Björk 1997 album Homogenic, Thom and the band deliver a quite spellbinding performance of the track as part of a live a webcast they unveiled in 2007. At the time a somewhat revolutionary idea the band took the chance to connect with fans directly and offer them some of their most memorable songs alongside some brilliant cover, including a deeply wonderful cover of Joy Division’s ‘Ceremony’.

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While the technology they were using was a little ahead of its time – I mean it’s Radiohead so of course, it was – the band actually looked back for their content. Björk’s ‘Unravel’ didn’t just represent a song for the band to work their magic n but was actually quoted as being one of Thom Yorke’s favourite as he admitted to SPIN magazine back in 2006 “I’m trying to get Radiohead to do a cover because I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.”

The video below is a little scratchy but the audio is perfect and any extra sonic inflexions over time have actually added to the art as a whole. Sure Thom isn’t note-perfect (has he ever been?) but the sentiment of the song, his love of the music as well as the original artist, and ultimately, the intensely beautiful delivery means this video simply has to be seen.

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