You might well be aware of the love David Bowie and John Lennon shared before Lennon’s untimely passing in 1980. The two had written Bowie’s brilliant single ‘Fame’ together before he was tragically killed, but it seems clear that their friendship went beyond music.

No, these two guys aside from all the fame, the talent and the intrigue, were mates – pure and simple. Fitting then that on December 8th, 1983, while Bowie was on the road with his ‘Serious Moonlight Tour’, paid tribute to his friend and Beatle legend John Lennon with a cover of his most inspiring song, ‘Imagine’.

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In the clip, before he begins his rendition of that enigmatic track, Bowie shares a few candid moments, that he and John shared, with the crowd. Firstly Bowie shares John’s response to Bowie’s music, recalling: “What do you think of my kind of rock and roll?” to which Lennon replied, “It’s great, but it’s just rock and roll with lipstick on.”

Bowie goes on to share a few more moments with the crowd and the footage is worth watching purely to see the humanity in David’s candour with the crowd. However, with that said, the cover is impeccable, impassioned and utterly irresistible.

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Rumour has it that Bowie and Slick, being such good friends of John, decided they should pay tribute to their friend on the last night of the tour. Slick had suggested they cover ‘Across The Universe’, to which Bowie allegedly replied: “Well if we’re going to do it, we might as well do ‘Imagine’.”

We’re so glad they did.


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