If there’s one place you can be guaranteed to see a rock star unarmed it’s in their own bed. This collection of images shows that these artists aren’t as vulnerable as us between the sheets but still have the same swagger under the covers as they do on stage.

The collection is taken from that ultimate gallery, AKA The Internet, and has a wide variety of stars in the sheets. Be it Joan Jett and her set of bondage gear, Jimi Hendrix and his cup of tea or all of Fleetwood Mac sharing a bed (…), the shots offer a quirky collection of images.

There’s other notable moments too, with Bob Marley sharing his bed with his one true love; football, Bowie making an epically orange-haired appearance, and a candid image of Kurt Cobain taken by Courtney Love in 1993. Whatever the moment, the situation or the bed linen, these images are a brief peek into the underbelly of rock and roll fame.

Take a look below.

Kurt Cobain. Photo taken by Courtney Love at their North Seattle home in late 1993
Kurt Cobain, 1993
George Harrison at The Plaza Hotel in NY. 1964
George Harrison, 1964
Elvis Costello in Amsterdam, 1977. Photo by Anton Corbijn
Elvis Costello, 1977
Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo in Greenwich Village, 1962
Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo, 1962
Elton John at home in London, 1979. Photo by Terry O'Neill
Elton John, 1979
Morrissey in bed 1983
Morrissey, 1983
Bob Marley 1977
Bob Marley, 1977
Joey Ramone and Debbie Harry. Photo taken in New York by Chris Stein Punk magazine
Joey Ramone & Debbie Harry, 1978
David Bowie in Paris at L'Hotel, Paris, 1976 by David Kent
David Bowie, 1976
Stiv Bators, Joan Jett and Cynthia Ross in 1979 at Jett's LA apartment (originally seen in CREEM Magazine)
Cynthia Ross, Stiv Bartos, Joan Jett, 1977
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 1989
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 1989
Fleetwood Mac first cover for Rolling Stone, March 24th, 1977. By Annie Leibovitz
Fleetwood Mac, 1977
Marc Bolan 1976
Marc Bolan, 1976
Tom Waits on his Louisiana prison cot from the 1986 film Down By Law
Tom Waits, 1986
Robert Smith from the Smash Hits Yearbook 1987
Robert Smith, 1987
Jimi Hendrix at The Drake Hotel in New York 1968
Jimi Hendrix, 1968
Joan Jett on her bed in LA 1977
Joan Jett, 1977
Johnny Thunders and Susanne Blomqvist early 80's
Johnny Thunders & Susanne Blomqvist, 198..


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