Ultimate internet troll Father John Misty takes a pop at Taylor Swift

Father John Misty is no stranger to a slight internet hijinks and today is no exception as Taylor Swift is well and truly in his sights.

Misty has cheekily distanced himself from the music blogging community in a lengthy statement (which has now been deleted), after swift found herself threatening a law suit against a small and unknown blogger after she was linked to white-supremacists and neo-Nazis. 

Enter Mr Misty:

“Unnecessary as this may be, it’s come to my attention that my music has been adopted by a certain online faction that has seen fit to interpret and present it via its own ideological prejudices. Though I am in no way affiliated with this group and have made numerous attempts to distance myself from its rhetoric and agenda I still feel the need to roundly denounce it, so with the help of my legal team and much prayer, here goes: music blogging is and always has been entirely unacceptable in a civic society — as is anyone who claims to be a music blogger or associates with music blogging. Music blogging’s very foundation is inequality — pathologically bent on sustaining the supremacy of one class of music over another based solely on its immutable traits. It is unwelcome here. Thank you all very much.”

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