David Lynch rejected Nine Inch Nails’ song for Twin Peaks because it wasn’t “aggressive and ugly” enough, the band have revealed.

Lynch, who sourced contributions from a host of different musicians and artists for the recent revival, decided to turn down an effort made by Nine Inch Nails because it sounded too much like a Twin Peaks song should.

During the eighth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return, the band appeared for a performance of ‘She’s Gone Away’ from their 2016 record – but it should never have been that track.

During a recent interview on Chicago’s 101WKQX, Trent Reznor explained how Lynch decided to switch up his original plans: “We wrote a different song initially, and [Lynch] said, ‘How about something less ‘Twin Peaks-y’ sounding, and more aggressive and ugly,’” Reznor said before adding that Lynch wanted the track to “make my hair stand on end.”

“[It was] a complete honour to be involved,” Reznor added. “Lynch has always been a hero of mine. I was thrilled to learn that he was gonna put the effort in and bring Twin Peaks and do it in the style that he did. I was thrilled to see what it became because we didn’t know any more than anybody else. We filmed our bit… a few months later he said you want to come by my house and check out your footage.”





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