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The Vacant Lots - 6 AM

It’s vital to dabble with sinister sounds, well, I certainly think it is; for as much enjoyment as there is to be found amongst Joni Mitchell esque acoustic licks, laced in crimson and serenely crafted in homage to souls of new lovers and the likes, I find it vital to expose the psyche to the emotional antithesis; those night crawling, menacing and feral numbers that wickedly weave their way into your being when, for whatever reason, the world appears warped and an internal fire needs stoking. I’m talking about those tunes that, by nullifying the unruly reactions stemming from the heart, propagate pernicious pleasance and make time spent in the shadows worthwhile, depraved catharsis, if you will.

How apt, maybe, that we should welcome a band entitled The Vacant Lots to our pages, and their malevolent musical story ‘6 am’ as the Track of the Day.

6 AM was the first song recorded for the Vermont, USA duo’s ever so recently released (June 30 2014) album Departure (Sonic Cathedral Records). Jared Artaud (vocals/guitar) has disclosed the song’s inception:

“The song was birthed at Ultra Vivid Studios. Brian’s (drums/vocals/electronics) electronics set the pace for what became a strange manipulation of the guitar amp, Vox Phantom, tremolo and fuzz. Creating a ‘jet-engine/ blown-speaker’ sound on guitars and pulsating hypnotic electronics, Brian started singing and literally note for note and word for word stuck. What you hear on the recording is what we heard that day in rehearsal, but just ten times louder. The album version was recorded in one take.”

File The Vacant Lots next to your Suicide and Stooges records… and keep them there, for a long time.

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