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The curious song that Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant couldn't live without


English singer and Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant is exactly what you expect to see when picturing the styles of rock stars of a bygone era in look, voice, and attitude. Plant is an iconic cornerstone of the music industry, and it goes without saying that countless artists find inspiration in his music.

When it comes to the greats, their fans relentlessly search to discover their inspirations, writing styles and personal tastes in a nostalgic reflection of a pioneering figure. When discussing Robert Plant specifically, there’s an interesting song that the frontman simply can’t live without. The reason why? Because it is the very first song to ever give him goosebumps.

Although it might be an unexpected choice, ‘Serenade’ by Mario Lanza is the effort in question here. About the experience of hearing the song and choosing it, Plant has said: “It’s called ‘Serenade’ by Mario Lanza. When I was invited to do this program, I started looking at something that I would say ‘Wouldn’t be ‘Nellie the Elephant’, wouldn’t be the ‘Runaway Train’. It would be something that made me just stop and feel the goosebumps. This was the first song that did that to me.”

Sometimes, the song that makes a person stop dead in their tracks unexpected choice, and that’s one of the completely magical things about music. The track in question, ‘Serenade’ by Lanza, was first released in 1956 and was included in the film of the same name from the same year.

Typically, Robert Plant also has a somewhat eclectic taste beyond that, having named plenty of other favourites such as ‘Ohio’ by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, about which he said: “This is the song which was written which will remind us forever how it can go nastily, badly wrong.”

Another favourite Plant cited was ‘Pink Peg Leg Slacks’ by Eddie Cochrane, and he explained yet another life connection: “In April 1960 I was 12, nearly 12, and already something was knocking on the door. That April, Eddie Cochrane was killed in a car wreck in Chippenham, and he recorded loads and loads of really provocative, very well produced songs. This one now, it’s called ‘Pink Peg Slacks’ and I really wanted to know what the whole deal way around the corner and can I have some.”

All of this is to say, sometimes taste isn’t about the mechanics, but sometimes it’s just about the majestic quality. If you want to listen to the curious track Robert Plant can’t live without, you can listen to it down below.

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