On August 20th, 1983 at the illustrious Beverly Theater in Hollywood, California something magical happened. One of the biggest recording artists in history invited not one but two more of the world’s best on stage. Yes, we’re taking you back to the moment James Brown invited Michael Jackson and then Prince on stage.

During a James Brown concert the enigmatic father of funk, famed for his ability to hold a stage, called out “Micahel Jackson”, “Michael Jackson” repeatedly (like repeatedly). But what many of the audience didn’t realise at the time was that MJ was actually in the crowd and moreover he was responding to the calls of Brown, beckoning him on to the stage.

MJ dutifully made his way up on stage, offered a few lines and notes to the crowd and then used the backing of the band to smash out some classic Michael moves, not only the more obvious pops and locks but the newly finessed moonwalk.

What a night! But, wait, there’s more to come. Michael Jackson then reportedly encouraged Brown to call up Prince. Allegedly Brown hadn’t heard of Prince at this point (Purple Rain had not yet been released) but invited the young star on stage with Michael’s assurance.

Prince did not disappoint his crowd, he arrived on stage via piggy-back, avoided the mic and headed straight for the guitar. Before long he was stripping off and wailing on the guitar with his traditional funky swagger.

This was one of those moments that, for a select few, will always be in their minds. We’re just lucky that somebody filmed it!

(Via: LA Times)


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