Listen back to The Cure covering The Doors ‘Hello, I Love You’ from 1990

It’s always nice to hear one of your favourite artists not only like one of your other favourite bands, but to like them so much that they want to cover one of their songs. Well, we were lucky enough to stumble upon this gem from The Cure as they cover The Doors’ classic track ‘Hello, I Love You’.

The song must be high up there on the list of ‘most covered’ songs. It has found a home in the hearts of many an artist who has given it a red hot crack to try and make their own, but it never really has the same pizazz as the original. Bands like Eurythmics, The Letterman, Adam Ant and so many more have given it a go but nobody has quite sounded like The Cure.

It’s not surprising that this Doors song, in particular, is a favourite with the ’80s set of British artists like Adam Ant, Annie Lennox etc. as the track remains one of The Doors‘ only charting songs in the UK. When it was released in 1968 through album Waiting for the Sun, it would’ve resonated deeply with a youthful Britain currently experiencing a wave of unshackled freedom following their straightjacket stiff-upper-lip of their parents’ generation.

Morrison, in particular, who sadly lost his life in Paris before reaching his full potential, was a huge influence on the young Robert Smith as the leading man of The Doors. Jim was unconventional in a fairly unconventional time and lived to subvert the norms. He was The Lizard King, a poet, a ruffian, a singer, an artist and everything in between. He was the kind of mercurial artist that encouraged everybody across the land to feel ok about themselves. It was clearly something that resonated with Smith.

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To this day, ‘Hello, I Love You’ still rings true. Whether played at full volume cruising down a summer road, sung in play to your lover or given a spin at the latest wedding, it’s fair to say that this song is timeless. The Cure’s 1990 version takes the song in a whole new direction though. Robert Smith’s impeccably identifiable vocal is sharp and filled with promise while the music hints at a life-like copy of the original but is actually splattered with subtle nuances and changes. Though it was called a “dour romp” by one reviewer, the cover remains a fan favourite with The Cure’s mammoth fanbase.

Originally released as part of The Electra label’s Rubaiyat release, listen below to The Cure covering The Doors’ ‘Hello, I Love You’ below.

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