Stunning photos of Francoise Hardy in London in the 1960s capture a moment in time

French icon and singer Francoise Hardy made her breakthrough in 1963, on the wave of a musical movement known as the . She and her husband, Jacques Dutronc, would go on to find a special fondness in their heart for London and these stunning images of Francoise in the capital of the swinging sixties perfectly captures a moment in time.

Hardy made her name singing a song of sadness. Her melancholy melodies left her at the forefront of a movement which demanded romanticism and effortless style. She embodied everything the ’60s desired, she was slender, had long hair, offered intelligence and prowess in her field while still possessing a streak of wildness which left as a front-running star of the rock and roll scene both here and over the channel.

Although not her main passion, her style would go on to influence many other icons such as Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg or Carla Bruni. Alongside her French iconic singer, handsome Jacques Dutronc, they appeared as one of the most glamorous couples of the French stage before splitting in the ’90s.

Hardy would go on to continue to influence people with her more androgynous look as she grew older. She also had a serious influence on fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, who in turn, named her fashion brand Comme Des Garcons after her hit song ‘Tous les Garcons et les Filles’.

Hardy remains a popular figure in music and fashion, and is considered an icon of French pop and the 1960s. Looking at these images it’s impossible to disagree.

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(All images via Vintage Everyday)

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