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The song Ozzy Osbourne wants played at his funeral


Ozzy Osbourne’s entire career has flirted with the notion of death, but the Black Sabbath singer doesn’t want anything from his back catalogue to play at his funeral — when that unwelcome day arrives.

Although Osbourne has an array of songs in his arsenal, which would be a befitting way to soundtrack his send-off, that’s not the way that Ozzy plans to go. Instead, he plots to leave the music to his favourite band, The Beatles, who will make sure everybody in the church has tears rolling down their face.

The frontman’s relationship with the Fab Four dates back to childhood, and their stranglehold on him has only grown more intense with age. Despite all of the narcotics he’s put in his system, the first time Ozzy listened to The Beatles is still crystal clear in his mind.

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“I remember it like it was yesterday,” Osbourne later reminisced. “I was walking around with a transistor radio on my shoulder. And ‘She Loves You ‘came on. And I don’t know, it just went, ‘Bang! And that’s what I want to do! Wouldn’t it be great?'”

Lennon was always his favourite Beatle, and Ozzy described him as “a poet, a rebel and had an incredible passion”. Furthermore, Osbourne also recalled how devastated he was after the singer’s death in 1980. “The world stopped for me. I can’t even describe how I felt,” Ozzy remembered. “But the amount of joy and hope that he gave people was just remarkable.”

In 2016, Osbourne told NME that he’d like ‘In My Life’ by The Beatles to play at his funeral, which further shows his endless devotion to the group. He explained: “I really need a few more years to think this over, but probably something from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band or Revolver,” he said, although, ‘In My Life’ appeared on Rubber Soul.

Osbourne added: “I definitely don’t want my fucking greatest hits album — I never ever play that thing, I’m fucking embarrassed about it,” he said. “And I definitely don’t want a fucking happy song — I’m dead.”

Interestingly, when Osbourne named his ten favourite songs by The Beatles, ‘In My Life’ didn’t get a mention, and he put ‘She Loves You’ in the first position because it kicked off his love affair with the group.

Although ‘In My Life’ didn’t make his top ten on that chosen day, there is a reflectiveness to it which makes it fitting for a funeral, and there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house while it played. 

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