We set the Far Out time machine back to 1965 as a very bored Rolling Stones attempt to cull some boredom with an impromptu version of The Beatles song ‘Eight Days a Week’.

The footage was shot during the Stones’ second tour of Ireland as part of the first documentary film about the band which was produced by their manager Andrew Loog Oldham and entitled Charlie Is My Darling. Despite the film being given its premiere at the Mannheim Film Festival in 1966, it was never given an official release as the Stones’ ended up in a bitter legal battle with businessman and music publisher Allen Klein.

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A mysterious and unsolved burglary at manager Oldham’s house resulted in the only tapes of the documentary being stolen. Fifty years later, however, newly restored versions of the film were released by Klein’s ABKCO Records, the company which owns the rights to all older Stones material.

The 64-minute documentary, directed by Peter Whitehead and Michael Gochanour, follows the band from their car trip out of London to Heathrow Airport, and then on to Dublin where they would play to major shows. Behind the scenes of one of those shows, we’re treated to an unplanned rendition of The Beatles song by a very young Mick Jagger who sings along with a wry smile while Keith Richards strums on the guitar.

Here’s the clip:

Source: FACT / Rolling Stones Net


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