New Order are a band with a loyal following. Consisting of Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Gillian Gilbert the band was formed from the remaining members of Joy Division, following the tragic loss of lead singer Ian Curtis to suicide.

Born out of tragedy, the band transcended their post-punk roots and move on to truly embrace electro music.

Their track ‘Blue Monday’ was somewhat of a revolution upon its release in the early 80’s. The song is often interpreted as a track about child or drug abuse (the opening line “How does it feel to treat me like you do” being the main reason for this assumption) and in fact, the band have openly admitted to being under the influence of LSD when writing it.

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Although Peter Hook thinks differently about the lyrics, “I don’t think there is a great deal to tell behind the lyrics if I am going to be brutally honest! It was just one of those things where Barney just went for it and the rest was history.” the song went on to be the highest selling 12″ single in history.

Below we have a brilliant piece of history then as we take a trip back to 1983 to not only see the band perform their hit track on ‘Europe’s Number 1 music show’ Countdown – but to finally hear Stephen Morris talk!

The drummer alongside lead singer Sumner offers a brief introduction to their digital synths which seem to enamour the Dutch presenter so much. It may seem simple to us now, but in 1983 this was the sharpest of cutting edge tech and the boys play it with a certain swagger that seems to say “we’re ahead of the game”.

The band then treat the show to a flawless rendition of ‘Blue Monday’. It’s simply brilliant watching, well done to Reelin’ In The Years for archiving this incredible footage.


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