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Remembering when Lou Reed turned down an offer to work with MGMT


Iconic pop culture legend and all around rock and roll God Lou Reed once turned down an offer to collaborate with synth-pop band MGMT.

Last year MGMT duo Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser sat down for an interview with Tom Scharpling ahead of the release of their latest record. At one point during the interview the conversation turned to a discussion about the band’s history and, at one point, talk turned to their 2010 album Congratulations.

While discussing the album, MGMT revealed that they once approached Lou Reed about a possible collaboration on the track ‘Lady Dada’s Nightmare’ but were politely rejected by the Velvet Underground chief. “We had a breakfast meeting with Lou Reed because we wanted him to do spoken-word over ‘Lady Dada’s Nightmare’ and he pretty much said it didn’t need it,” they revealed.

Reed, being the man in indie rock, then offered VanWyngarden and Goldwasser some music industry advice and told them to sack of their management… while the bosses were in the room: “And then he also talked about how we didn’t need managers. And our managers were there…”

Despite their lack of success with collaboration efforts, MGMT added: “But at least we got to meet him. And then we saw him at the [Westminster] Dog Show… We kind of, like, dressed up like dandies. We were just being really silly. Fred had on a top hat, and I had on a velvet jacket and a scarf and gloves. I had a notepad. I was taking notes on the dogs.”

You can hear the episode of The Best Show right here. If you just want the info about Reed, it starts around the 53:40 mark.