Remembering when Blondie’s Debbie Harry covered The Ramones, 1989

Blondie’s Debbie Harry and The Ramones have always been pals. Their friendship stretches back to the first murmurings of punk in New York surrounding the iconic venue CBGB’s. Countless photos and shared moments are across the internet, but until today we had never seen this one of Debbie Harry covering The Ramones’ ‘Pet Semetary’.

The footage is taken from Harry’s solo tour Def, Dumb, and Blonde on October 23rd, 1989 and sees the Heart of Glass singer taking on her friend’s track ‘Pet Sematary’ a song which was written for the Stephen King movie adaptation of the same name.

The Ramones original had been released five months earlier on their Brain Drain album and had actually surpassed other great tracks to become one of their biggest radio hits. Here, Harry performs the track at The Roxy in Los Angeles – the footage is a “touch” scratchy.

But what you can see in the clip is the brilliant performance from Harry and her ability to sound so singular in her delivery despite this not being a Blondie song. Though, that being said, ‘Pet Sematary’ has since found its way on to Blondie’s live set.

Take a look below and enjoy. We can guarantee you will… it’s The Ramones after all.


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