Following the rising success of early albums The Kick Inside and Lionheart, Kate Bush took her popularity international with a series of charming appearances in Japan in 1978.

As Dangerous Minds points out, Bush was performing the track ‘Moving’ at the 7th annual international Tokyo Music Festival inside the Nippon Budokan arena, Bush became an overnight sensation after her performance was screened on Japanese television on June 21, 1978 was broadcast as an estimated 35million watched on.

The track, written by Bush and produced by Andrew Powell, is considered a tribute to Lindsay Kemp, her mime teacher. ‘Moving’ opens with a whale song sampled from Songs of the Humpback Whale, an LP.

‘Moving’ became an extremely rare 7″ vinyl due to the fact it was only ever released in Japan as part of a well-crafted marketing campaign involving a commercial for Seiko watches.

As mentioned above, the track is considered among the rarest 7″ singles in existence, there were two pressings made in limited numbers.

EMI commissioned these releases in relation with the Seiko commercial, limited to 25 copies and features a large photo of Bush sitting on a motorcycle. A second version – which can be seen in some the images included – was limited to 200 copies.

(Via: Dangerous Minds)


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