David Bowie has done a lot of things, a myriad of film and musical performances and most of them brilliant. One of those of performances and, quite possibly one of the most ludicrous we’ve found, is the time he played in an advert for an ice lolly called ‘Luv’, directed by acclaimed auteur Ridley Scott.

First things first, let’s talk about the lolly. The Lyons Maid venture was created to rival the ‘Fab’ lolly, which is still available today, and was an ice lolly covered in chocolate and sprinkles. It was marketed at young girls and so had the added bonus of being sold with ‘pop cards’ which attached to the packaging and were perfect for collecting.

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But in 1969 Bowie wasn’t exactly the icon we all know today. His debut LP David Bowie flopped in the charts and in 1969 he was still pursuing roles in film and television alongside music.

It appears that the director saw the potential of Bowie and decided to cast him in the advert to essentially pretend to be the David Bowie he would later become, as well as rushing up the bus steps with pure, unbridled excitement for this ice cream (around the seven second mark). He even went on to audition for a Kit Kat ad as well.

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Not just any director either. No, it was the infamous Ridley Scott who was driving the artistic character of this ice-lolly advert. Scott would later involve Bowie on the score of his Matt Damon hit The Martian, as well as directing some show-stopping flicks.

But before all that, before the Oscar, before the platinum albums it was all about one thing: ‘Luv’ ice lollies from Lyons Maid.


(Source: NME)


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