The Cure New York City 1980

Watch this rare footage of The Cure’s 1980 New York City performance of ‘A Forest’

It’s easy to get drawn into the eyeliner and hair of The Cure and the enigma they’ve created around themselves. So often referred to as a ‘goth’ band, The Cure developed their skills in the unnerving depths of post-punk. This is where we find Robvert Smith and co in this rare footage of them performing their post-punk anthem ‘A Forest’ in New York City.

The second single released from The Cure’s sophomore album Seventeen Seconds, ‘A Forest’ has become a fan favourite. It remains the beacon of The Cure’s roots before they became a worldwide hit and took over North America in the eighties.  

The audio and film quality of the footage is simply fantastic for the eighties and we’re very happy to bring it to you. These amazing early videos were shot by Charles Libin & Paul Cameron, and are taken from The Cure’s performances at The Hurrah nightclub on 15th, 16th, 17th April 1980.  

Watch The Cure’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction as they perform and Robert Smith sheds light on the event

The band arrived in America on April 10th 1980 and found themselves at the beginning of something spectacular. Although it would be some time before they gained their heightened fame across the pond, The Cure in these US shows got a taste of the big time.  

They explain in the book ‘Ten Imaginary Years:’  

Robert: “We’d obtained cult status out there but we only played New York, Philly, Washington and Boston. We played three nights – 15, 16 and 17th – at Hurrah in New York and it was packed.”

Simon: “It was done on a shoe-string budget but it was lots of fun. Instead of having cans of beer backstage, we’d have shots of Southern Comfort!”

Robert: “It was like a holiday. Even at this point, everything we did, we didn’t think we’d be doing again so we used to go to bed at about five in the morning and get up again at eight just to go out and see New York.”

The footage of the band proves that they were always going to be stars. Effortlessly, the band spew through an incredible set laden with hits from their album Seventeen Seconds, with ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and ‘A Forest’ to a sumptuous reaction.  

Watch the footage of the full set below that.

Source: Post-Punk

Three Imaginary Boys – 0:01
Fire In Cairo – 2:55
In Your House – 5:50
M – 9:29
10.15 Saturday Night – 12:33
At Night – 16:05
Boys Don’t Cry – 21:26
Jumping Someone Else’s Train – 24:01
Another Journey By Train – 26:21
A Forest – 29:49
Secrets – 35:58
Killing An Arab – 39:00

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