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Watch Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder join Ramones on stage to perform ‘Anyway You Want It’ for their final ever performance

Even some of the world’s greatest rock stars had idols growing up. That can certainly be said of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and he showed that when he performed with his heroes, the Ramones, at their last ever show in 1996.

Here, we’re digging into the Far Out Magazine vault to bring you a very special gig as Vedder jumps on stage with the punk legends to cover the Dave Clark Five’s hit ‘Anyway You Want It’ as their final encore.

After releasing their 1995 LP, Adios Amigos!, the Ramones said they would hang up their leather jackets and ripped jeans to call it a day if the album flopped. When the record failed to break into the top 100 on the Billboard chart, they launched their long goodbye tour. That tour came to an end in 1996 with a very special show at The Palace, Hollywood, which, as C.J. Ramone notes, was: “A real slap on the face for New York.”

The show was filmed for a VHS release and invited Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, the late great Chris Cornell, Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and former bassist Dee Dee Ramone all joined the festivities. The mammoth 32-song set finished with a very special performance with Eddie Vedder as the lead singer of Pearl Jam got to share a stage with his inspirational idols.

The love affair between Vedder and the Ramones had been raging on since the singer first caught wind of the leather-clad punks. Vedder even went on to become great friends with Johnny Ramone, inducting the band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The singer, of course, being one of the latest inductees to Rock Hall.

When Vedder visited the Ramones museum he left behind a letter which read: “Long live the Ramones… the wave that is all breaking all the time — and to my good friend Johnny, how I miss you… Every day and forever… Wish you were here… Then again, you are.”

When Vedder was invited to perform with the band, he needed no time to think about taking the opportunity with two greedy hands. The clip below shows the moment he got to join his adolescent heroes on stage for a special cover. The Ramones, ever the disruptive brats they were, chose to finish their set with not a classic Ramones hit but a cover.

The show and the final performance of the Ramones concluded with Eddie Vedder joining the band on stage to perform a cover of Dave Clark Five’s ‘Anyway You Want It’.

You can watch that, below.

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