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A list of Quentin Tarantino's favourite TV shows of all time

When Quentin Tarantino eventually retires, his legacy will extend beyond the impact of his filmography on the cinematic traditions of America. Tarantino’s love for the history of cinema and world cinema is responsible for many western viewers being introduced to foreign gems that they would have never discovered if it wasn’t for him.

Tarantino’s love for Asian pioneers such as Wong Kar-wai and Bong Joon-ho resulted in the creation of cult followings which eventually hit the mainstream after they received more popularity. In fact, it was Tarantino’s promotion for Chungking Express that made Berry Jenkins pick a copy up and it ended up inspiring him to be a director.

Ever since he was a child, Tarantino was mesmerised by the films of Sergio Leone and Mario Bava among others. He was also influenced by his obsessive love for television shows, having been named after a character played by Burt Reynolds in the show Gunsmoke. That love for the television medium hasn’t gone away since Tarantino has been thinking of making a major TV project for a while now.

In his early years, Tarantino worked at a video store where he developed a strong reputation for his vast knowledge of TV and cinema. Since he grew up in that environment, Tarantino shares a scepticism when it comes to the latest evolution of the medium – streaming platforms such as Netflix – which he feels is devoid of the commitment of TV. However, he still named a Netflix project among his favourite television shows of all time.

Over the years, many of these gems influenced Tarantino’s work in various ways. One of the most significant examples of this is the Japanese show Shadow Warriors which Tarantino cited as the source of inspiration for the iconic Ezekiel monologue in Pulp Fiction.

However, Tarantino’s favourite show of all time is the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. In an interview, he claimed that he will never stop watching it. “I’ve been watching that since the very first episode, so that’s the one show that I always keep watching,” Tarantino declared.

For now, see the full list of Quentin Tarantino’s top picks below.

Quentin Tarantino’s favourite TV shows of all time:

  • Gunsmoke (1955)
  • Bonanza (1959)
  • Frontier Circus (1961)
  • The Virginian (1962)
  • Honey West (1965)
  • Star Trek (1966)
  • The Green Hornet (1966)
  • Callan (1967)
  • Cimarron Strip (1967)
  • Speed Racer (1967)
  • The High Chaparral (1967)
  • Randall and Hopkirk – Deceased (1969)
  • Then Came Bronson (1969)
  • The Brotherhood of the Bell (1970)
  • Matt Lincoln (1970)
  • The House That Would Not Die (1970)
  • Bearcats! (1971)
  • Alias Smith and Jones (1971)
  • The Death of Me Yet (1971
  • Cade’s Country (1971)
  • Jason King (1971)
  • The Longest Night (1972
  • Kung Fu (1972)
  • The Night Stalker (1972)
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (1973)
  • Firehouse (1973)
  • Bad Ronald (1974)
  • Get Christie Love! (1974)
  • The Manhunter (1974)
  • The Execution of Private Slovik (1974)
  • Where Have All The People Gone (1974)
  • Heatwave! (1974)
  • A Cry for Help (1975)
  • Death Stalk (1975)
  • Foster & Laurie (1975)
  • Nightmare in Badham County (1976)
  • Rich Man, Poor Man (1976)
  • One on One (1977)
  • Hot Rod (1979)
  • The Jericho Mile (1979)
  • Shadow Warriors (1980)
  • Hotline (1982)
  • The Gladiator (1986)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000)
  • The Shield (2002)
  • Battlestar Galactica (2004)
  • How I Met Your Mother (2005)
  • Justified (2010)
  • The Newsroom (2012)
  • The Americans (2013)
  • 9-1-1 (2018)
  • The Haunting of Hill House (2018)
  • The Queen’s Gambit (2020)