Remembering when Quentin Tarantino danced behind the camera during iconic Pulp Fiction scene

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is, to this day, still regarded as one of the most effortlessly cool pieces of cinema. It features a sumptuous cast all hitting their peak at once. Two names in that hat are John Travolta as ‘Vince Vega’ and Uma Thurman as ‘Mia Wallace’.

The duo’s performances are widely agreed as some of their best, most notably their now-iconic dance scene. It sees Wallace and Vega take to the stage at a ’50s diner and perform a slick and stylish dance to win a competition.

One unwelcome fact is that one of the coolest dance scenes in modern cinema wouldn’t have been able to reach the same level without a bit of dad dancing, from none other than Quentin Tarantino himself.

We’re pretty sure by now that we all know Tarantino doesn’t quite give a fuck about what people think about him or, in fact, his movies. If he did, well, we probably wouldn’t have his catalogue of modern masterpieces.

A behind-the-scenes clip that surfaced online a couple of years ago shows Uma Thurman, John Travolta, and Tarantino all on set for the filming of the ‘Jack Rabbit Slims twist contest’ scene of Pulp Fiction.

Thurman and Travolta looking as perfect as you could imagine then, as the footage involves director Tarantino, you can see him letting loose to the jiving beats of Chuck Berry’s ‘You Never Can Tell’.

You do it, I do it, Tarantino does it. Superb.

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